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Terms of Reference
  1. Purpose:
    • The Havant Music Festival Committee is an unincorporated local community group of volunteers who plan and work on a music festival over a period at various venues in Havant Borough.
  2. Objectives of Havant Music Festival:
    • To foster the development of music and the arts within the Borough.
    • To showcase the talent of the community.
    • To encourage children and young people to engage in music and the arts.
  3. The Officers of the Committee are:
    • Chair :    Faith Ponsonby
    • Secretary: TBA
    • Treasurer:  Steve Southwell
  4. The Committee:
    • Will be elected by a show of hands by those attending the Annual General meeting (see below).  There should be at least one of the officers present at each committee meeting.   If fewer than 4 people are present, decisions will need to be ratified at the next committee meeting, or if urgent, by email agreement.   Sub-groups will be set up, if needed, for organising specific events, or part of an event, and will report back to the main committee.
  5. Volunteers:
    • Health & Safety Risk assessments will be carried out for all events put on by the Festival Committee.   Volunteers will be briefed on their responsibilities.  DBS checks will be required for those working with children or vulnerable adults and the committee.
  6. Photography:
    • The Festival Committee allow photography at the events they hold, and notice of this will be given to those attending on any programme, advising them that photography is permitted and if they do not want to be photographed should let one of the volunteer organisers know. 
  7. Stakeholders and Sponsors:
    • Rotary Club of Havant
    • Meridian Centre
    • Hampshire County Councillor, Jackie Branson
    • Havant Orchestras
    • Urban Vocal Group
  8. Committee Meetings:
    • Festival planning meetings are held regularly with a review/Annual General Meeting taking place within 2 months of the end of the Festival. The Annual General Meeting will elect the officers of the community group for the next year.
  9. Finance:
    • The Treasurer will keep up to date records and will provide a report at each committee meeting.
    • If the Treasurer is unable to attend a committee meeting they will submit a report via email in time for the next committee meeting. 
    • All cheques will require two signatures from any of three named committee members.
    • Monies taken during Festival events will be banked as soon as practically possible and receipts should be obtained where money is paid to venues, catering, performers, etc.
    • An annual account statement should be produced at least once a year.
  10. Bank Account details:  
    • TBA
  11. Fundraising:
    • The Festival Committee is a not-for-profit community group and any monies raised or donated will be spent on activities solely to support the Festival Committee in running future festivals for the benefit of the local community.
  12. Winding up:
    • In the event that the Havant Music Festival is wound up by a vote at the Annual General Meeting, then any remaining assets will be donated to local charities with similar objectives.

Agreed by members of the Festival Committee on March 3rd 2017.
Signed by Chair:  Faith Ponsonby

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